Maize ectopic TF expression atlas

As part of NSF Award #IOS-2315723, we are surveying the response to expressing a large collection of cloned maize TFs in leaf protoplasts. We have established high-throughput assays to transform hundreds of TFs in parallel using robotics, and then assess the full transcriptome-wide response to each by RNA-seq. TFs included in the primary selection are from the Grassius TFome collection ( We are open to including additional TFs of interest to the community! See below if you are interested in contributing your favorite TF to this project.

Project Team: UGA – Brad Nelms (PI), Wayne Parrot (Co-PI), Taylor Strayhorn (PhD student), Xiuli Shen (Research Scientist); NC State – Cranos Williams (Co-PI)

Q: What is the ectopic TF expression atlas?

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Q: Could you include my favorite TF(s) in your study?

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